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Ametek Thermox Flue Gas Monitor Series 2000
Thermox WDG IV Analyzer
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The above available Ametek 2000 Thermox Flue Gas Analyzer is a Online Oxygen Analyzer and can be used as Stack Gas Analyzer, Boiler Gas Analyzer,in Kiln & Powerpalnt Flue gas, Thermal Oxidizer Application, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Sulphur treatment unit It is termed as Combustion Oxygen Analyzer, Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer, Online Oxygen Analyzer, Zirconia O2 Analyzer, Zirconia Analyzer, Thermox o2 Analyzer, ametek thermox flue gas monitor series 2000, Flue Oxygen Gas Analyzer, Thermox WDG IV

This are found refinery crackers, Furnaces, Rotary Kilns reactors and steam generation equipment. to monitor efficiency of burnt fuels and inputs used and improve cost saving by burning fuels to its maximum capacity as well in environmental requirements and government controls measures the other elements related to carbon gases.

The analyzer is certified for SIL 2 implementation into safety instrumented systems, and is suitable for process streams up to 3,200 째F (1,760 째C).

Oxygen and Combustibles Measurement for Combustion Efficiency Analyzers available for analyzing oxygen, combustibles, and methane in flue gases for combustion control, safety, and thermal NOx reduction. Industries served include Electric Power Generation, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical Processing, Cement & Lime Manufacturing, Glass and Ceramics, Pulp & Paper, Iron & Steel, and Non-Ferrous Metals production.

Flue gas oxygen, combustibles, methane analyzers for gas/oil/coal & biofuels - fired boilers and plant process heaters for NOx efficiency, safety and process control. Direct In-situ Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzers, WDG Insitu Probe, Insitu Replacement Probes, Continuous Loop Eductor Analyzers for Gas/Oil/Coal-Fired Power, Generation and Refinery Boilers and Process Heaters, WDG-V, WDG-IV, WDG-IV UOP/RP, Chimney Effect Convection Analyzers for High, Temperature/Particulate Applications WDG-HPII

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zirconia O2 Analyzer
zirconia probe oxygen analyzer
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Simens Siemens Sample Preparation System for Chromatograph Analyzer GC Chromo Sample preparation assembly to filter, purify, control media suitable to chromatograph or analyzer, suitable to work with GC

In Stainless steel cabinet with pumps, heater, drain, controller sample pump, regulator and control, inbuilt heater block & bleed configuration, attached layout and system components.

Origin: Siemens

Siemens Sample Conditioner (For Laboratory /Testing / Instruments/ or Impulse Line Sample) and looking for a prospect ; price is attractive.

Siemens Analyzer/Chromo Sample preparation assembly to filter, purify, control media suitable to chromatograph or analyzer , suitable to work with GC in Stainless steel cabinet with pumps, heater, drain , controller

Non Contact Industrial Duty continuous measurement Pyrometer for Ind. Use. Would like to know your interest in the same.

Infrared Temperature Infrared Pyrometer IR Temperature Sensor

Application: Furnace Boiler Reactor

It can measure temperature through flame, glass, plastics, and a variety of gases without affecting the reading, or, alternatively, it can measure the temperature of these and many other items. Because contact with the object being measured is not required, Range 1650 Deg C (3000 F) extended Temprature with sepcial calibration 2400Deg C

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