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Abraj Advance Material is one of the leading pump suppliers and cater to exports also. We offer diverse range of pumps for Process Plant (to ANSI ASME codes), Petroleum Refinery, Chemcial Industry, Oil & Gas; Gas Drilling, Processing Plants, Certified UL Listed Fire Water Pumps for Industries, Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump in special application, UL Listed Fire Pump, Progressive Cavity Pump and so on

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Available Size and for sale 2"-2 inch pump, 3"-3 inch pump, 4"-4 inch pump, 6"-6 inch pump, 8"-8 inch pump, 10"-10 inch pump

  • Process Centrifugal Pump, Refinery Process pumps API 682, UL Rated Fire Pump
  • High Pressure Centrifugal Pump
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • SRU Process Pump
  • Centrifugal pump for sulphur recovery unit

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We also offer from prominent manufacturers equipment for Process Plants like Metals, Food Processing, Sugar Plants, etc as per requirement. and count us as value centrifugal pump suppliers. See Below for available Pumps, Pumps to suit many applications, Contact us for your requirement

Rotating Equipment for Critical Applications

Sulzer Pumps, Sulzer Centrifugal Pump, , High Flow, Overhung OHH, Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Type OHH Suitable for most processes

OHH model Inlet 2", Nozzle 2"centrifugal pump

Flow possible 13.00 cu.meter/hr around 58 GPM Head 202 FT

Pump Type OH2 , Casing Center line, Cased
316L/C6HF/Impeller 316, Stainless Steel Centrifugal Impeller
End Suction ,Dicharge Top
Pressure : Discharge 86 psi, Nozzle #300

Driver Motor Siemens 3500 RPM Insulation Class F iiaiib

Duty Motor 415/460 50/60 Hz 3000 / 3500 rpm

Sulzer Centrifugal Pump

Flowerve Centrifugal Pump , Overhung OH, Horizontal, Type HPX suitable for most processes,High Flow Centrifugal Pump and High Pressure Cenrifugal Pump

13.62 cu.meter/hr around 60 GPM GPM, Total Head 300 ft Type OH2, CCW End Suction.

Drive Motor Siemens 3500 Insulation Class F iiaiib TEFC 415/460 50/60 Hz 3000 / 3500 rpm
Nozzle 3" Inlet x 2" Outlet ( Connection 3" x 1.5") 3"Centrigufal Pump, 2"Centrifugal Pump
End Suction x Discharge Top

OHH Type Sulzer Centrifugal pump

OHH model Inlet 6" x Outlet 6", Impeller 8.7 to 9", 6"Centrifugal Pump

Flow possible 1200 to 1400 GPM Head 252.8 FT (Flow will increase with low head)

Pump Type OH2 , Casing Center line, End Suction , Design Discharge pressure 117.5 ( Can be implement for higher pressure also upto 720 psi) Suction 20 psig

Driver Siemens 3500 RPM Insulation Class F iia iib

415/460 50/60 Hz 3000 / 3500 rpm

Flowserve centrifugal pumps

Flowserve, Flowerve Centrifugal Pump, Overhung OHH, Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, Type HPX suitable for most processes

Flow 272 cu.meter/hr <1200 to 1350 GPM>

[Impeller rating upto 1650 GPM/ 435 cu.meter/hr, 150 Ft Capability Suction 19.23 x 30 mtr]

Barrel Case/Impeller SS 316, Type OH2, Casing Center line, Stainless Steel Impeller, NPSH 9.5 ft , 1750 RPM, Nozzle 10" Inlet x 8" (Outlet) (Connection 10" End suction x 8" Top Discharge, 10"Centrigual Pump, 8"Centrifugal Pump )

Motor Siemens 1750 RPM Insulation Class F iiaiib TEFC

flowserve hpx pump

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